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Cezanne Art Activity Pack

Paul Cezanne - The Father of Modern Art

This Kid At Art Pack is based on one of Cezanne's most famous works, "Still Life With Fruit Basket". Children create their own basket and fill it with fruit shapes.

In addition to exploring colors and shapes, the process of weaving their own basket lets children experiment with their dexterity while introducing them to the concept of perspective. Look carefully and discover how Cezanne made it seem like you are looking at the same painting from different angles.


The Benefits of A Kid at Art Projects -
All of our art packs are designed to:
  • Enable children to connect with their creative selves
  • Develop the intellectual skills of planning, focus, and perseverance.
  • Explore math concepts through art: counting, sorting, patterns, number value, spatial relationships
  • Help your child learn to grasp early the concepts of size, shape and capacity
  • Provide your child with a creative learning experience
  • Give children an opportunity to express their emotions through art
  • Build your child's awareness of the details of the world around them. They'll begin to notice colors and shapes and see patterns.
  • Support the development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills